PDS has added EVIDS (email videos) to its in-house multi-media video production services

Obtain Great Results with EVIDS

If your non-profit organization newsletters, text, emails and donor outreach programs are falling short of their full potential or just not producing the results they once used to its time to innovate.
Now you can energize your donor and prospect communication with EVIDS. The most effective and cost efficient non-profit communication program available.
At Peters Development Services, our fundraising track record of success relies on both traditional fundraising methods and leveraging new technology to communicate with increasingly insulated donors and prospects.
That’s why we’ve created EVIDS- a method that dramatically improves direct communication and cultivation.


What’s more- our EVIDS are custom produced for hundreds not thousands of dollars and can be ready to send to your donor base in just a few days.
To learn more about the facts and actual research about EVIDS, please call Bill Peters at 1-800-850-7909 today.

We think you’ll agree that EVIDS are the future of donor communication!

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